Business Leaders for Yes on Question 2

You might think that business leaders love the status quo of how politics work in America. The wealthy and well-connected, after all, often wield more influence with lawmakers than voters.

We have come together to say “Wrong.” We are a group of Massachusetts business leaders who believe that a level-playing field and equal representation creates good government and in turn creates a society that is best for business. That’s why we are urging everyone to vote Yes on Question 2.

A Yes vote on Question 2 would create a non-partisan Citizens Commission to advance the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the rights of all Americans to equal participation and equal representation in our government. The commission will research and report on dark money impacts in Massachusetts elections, as well as take testimony and make recommendations on language for such an Amendment. In addition the commission will hold our elected leaders accountable and prepare the state to ratify the Amendment. Commissioners will be chosen, three each by the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and House and Senate leaders. Commissioners will be volunteers, serving at no cost to the taxpayer. Anybody can apply.

We believe in a strong democracy where government is accountable to the people it serves. Unlimited political spending by corporations, unions, or individuals causes elected officials to be more responsive to special interests than to voters. The appearance of pay-to-play politics undermines faith in the American democratic process, violates decades of practice, and corrupts our Constitution.

We believe in a strong economy where companies compete based on the value they create in the marketplace. As business leaders, we are uniquely positioned to clarify that a pay-to-play environment, where businesses compete with ever-bigger donations to buy political influence, damages the real drivers of American innovation, competitiveness, and long-term prosperity.

We believe in a political system based on checks and balances and an open exchange of ideas. Unlimited political spending leads to concentrations of power, attacking the very foundations of our Constitutional republic. It stifles productive political debate, dissuades qualified candidates for political office from serving, and impedes pragmatic, lasting solutions on any issue.

We come at this with a unique business perspective. But we are also patriots with a deep personal commitment to representative democracy and a shared concern for our country. We are part of a growing cross-partisan movement to fix a campaign finance system so corrupt and broken that it is blocking progress on so many issues important to us all, and eating away at the very foundations of our country. Please join us in voting Yes on Question 2.

for Bay State Business Leaders for Yes Question 2,
John Wass,
CEO, Profit Isle, Inc.

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