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A Letter to Supporters of the 28th Amendment

American Promise

We’re Larry and Debbie Scarff from Burlington, two of many Bay State citizens (all volunteers) who are coming together to put our state firmly behind the 28th Amendment and big reform to get money out of politics! We have an incredible opportunity to give 4.5 million people in Massachusetts a chance to voice their support for political equality, but we need your help! Your contribution will go towards all of the campaign materials needed to make this a winning effort, including clip boards, flyers, pins, signs, websites, and much more!

Please join us by making a contribution to ‘People Govern, Not Money’ here.

Our first American Promise Association meeting in Concord was a huge wake-up call. Never before did we truly consider the impact of Citizens United v. FEC and the damage that big money in politics was having on our democracy. Like many others, we realized that this issue is far too critical to not get involved. Since then, we’ve joined countless others from Massachusetts with a variety of political views to unite on this historic work for the 28th Amendment.

We’re already on our way with an all-volunteer ballot initiative campaign, to give every voter in Massachusetts a voice on the 28th Amendment — but we’ll only have 8 weeks to gather 90,000 signatures, so it’s ALL HANDS ON DECK!

Will you support our campaign today? Your donation of $28 to support the 28th Amendment will help our citizen-powered organization achieve success and get this issue on the ballot!

We are people-powered and citizen-funded, so we need you!


This is one of the most powerful ways to show Congress that our movement for a 28th Amendment to get big money out of our elections has widespread support from the people. This is how we demand Congress to listen, but it doesn’t happen without your support! Check us out at People Govern, Not Money, sign up to volunteer, and pitch in what you can.

Let’s deliver on the American promise here in Massachusetts. Thank you and see you out on the campaign!

Larry and Debbie Scarff
Burlington, Massachusetts

American Promise is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 to win the 28th Amendment that says people - not money - govern America.