The Petition

Advancing a 28th Amendment

for limits on campaign spending and corporate rights

This Act establishes a non-partisan Citizens Commission to advance the policy of Massachusetts in favor of amending the Constitution of the United States to overturn Citizens United v. FEC
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Petition Summary as Signed by Voters

Petition Summary

Petition Purpose

It is the intent of this Act:

  • To protect the integrity and fairness of elections and government
  • To prevent corruption with reasonable limits on election contributions and spending by global corporations, big unions, and special interests
  • To secure the right of all Americans to be represented and to participate in self-government as equal citizens
  • To protect the freedom of speech, of the press, and other rights of all Americans over the privileges of artificial entities

Establishment of a Citizens Commission Concerning a Constitutional Amendment for Government of the People

  • The People find and declare that the establishment of a non-partisan Citizens Commission as provided herein will ensure prudent consideration of such a constitutional amendment by the Massachusetts Congressional delegation and by the citizens and the General Court of Massachusetts during the ratification process to follow Congressional approval.
  • The Citizens Commission shall research, take testimony, report, and make such recommendations as may be of assistance in drafting, promoting, proposing, and ratifying such a constitutional amendment.