Volunteer Training for Signature Gathering

Volunteer Training

You, yes, you, have the opportunity to help 4.5 million voters in Massachusetts stand up for political equality and end the era big money and special interests. Isn't that amazing?

The signature drive for the People Govern, Not Money 2018 ballot initiative is underway and we need everyone in the Bay State to help out! This is an historic all volunteer effort and we'll prove you don't need millions of dollars to run a successful ballot campaign. We need to be confident and competent spokespersons for this effort, so first thing's first - TRAINING!

Come, join us to learn about signature gathering best practices, money in politics talking points, and everything else you'll need to know to be successful. Most importantly, meet your neighbors who are also working on collecting signatures and fired up to fight for a government of, by, and for the people!

Prepare for signature gathering by participating in an online or in-person volunteer training.

Can't make it to an in-person training? Watch our online training
People Govern Not Money Signature Training

Sept. 12, 2017, Training (1 hour 13 min.)