What is Citizens United and why do voters in Massachusetts want to overturn it?

What Unites Us?

80% of Americans agree that the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United was a bad decision. Money is not free speech; it's power. And, corporations and other special interest groups should not be able to spend unlimited amounts in our elections.

This video describes the Court's ruling and how corporations have invaded our politics.

(7 mins)

Don’t Think We Can Pass an Amendment to the Constitution? Think Again!

Presidential Historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin: "Lincoln once said with public sentiment anything is possible; without it, nothing is possible ... People should look to history and realize even if they feel this is very difficult to pass an amendment to undo Citizens United, we've passed amendments before!"

American Promise President, Jeff Clements: "Madison said we should do constitutional amendments only on extraordinary occasions ... most American agree we now face our own extraordinary occasion. Article 5 of the Constitution on the amendment process makes clear that We the People have the last word. When asked to step up, Americans step and do the right thing.

(7 mins)

The Grassroots

Jeff Clements, Massachusetts resident and president of American Promise, answers questions about Citizens United, the grassroot movement of liberals and conservatives teaming up to overturn it, and the Ballot Initiative here in Massachusetts.

(15 mins)

The Common Good not the Corporate Good

James Leach (R-Iowa, Retired) says the Citizens United decision was the 2nd worse Supreme Court decision in the history of the United States, second only to Dred Scott.

(2 mins)

Everyone is Fed Up!

John Pudner, former conservative political consultant and Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic, on the need for campaign finance reform.

(2 mins)

American Promise Hymn

Members of the Tanglewood Festival Choir "Corporations are not People, Speech and Money are not Equal" to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. 

(5 mins)

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