2018 Ballot Initiative Campaign Roles

The ballot initiative will succeed with the help of our volunteers.

There are many opportunities with different levels of activity.

If you have questions about any of the roles and their requirements, please contact us.

  • Regional Captains
    • Communicate and strategize with State Coordinator
    • Recruit and provide leadership for six District Captains
    • Monitor regional data and review progress toward goals at least weekly; feedback results to District Captains
    • Maintain accurate data for region
    • Assist District Captains in recruiting, training, and managing volunteers
    • Receive Verified signature forms from District Captains and deliver to state officials
    • Should be high-energy, outgoing and enthusiastic
  • District Captains
    • Report to Regional Captain
    • Recruit, prepare and coach 15 signature volunteers
    • Keep track of town signature data, and submit data report to website at least weekly
    • Oversee distribution of resources, petitions to volunteers
    • Represent American Promise and communicate the ballot initiative in a positive, accurate manner to local legislators, media contacts, etc.
    • Communicates with volunteers on current signature status and local collection opportunities and schedules via email on a weekly basis or as needed
  • Logistics and Operations Volunteers
    • Work in partnership with District Captain
    • Maintain and distribute resources to volunteers (petitions, palm card, clipboards, pens, etc.)
    • Perform event and location research as needed; provide calendar of events to District Captain
    • Responsible for writing and keeping track of town/regional letter to the editors, Op-eds, etc.
    • Responsible for maintaining a social media presence for the town/district
  • Signature Courier and Data Management Volunteers
    • Works in partnership with District Captain
    • Collect signature forms from volunteers
    • Deliver and pick up forms from Town Clerks’ offices; provide to District Captain
    • Maintain signature count per volunteer and provide at least weekly results to District Captain
    • Track volunteers progress toward goal and provide updates to District Captain
  • Signature Gathering Volunteers
    • Report to District Captain
    • Hosts signature collections at high-traffic locations or events
    • Requests required materials for signature collections from Logistics and Operations volunteer
    • Gathers a minimum of 100 signatures
    • Tally and return signature forms to the Courier volunteer promptly after each event