About People Govern, Not Money

Who is People Govern, Not Money?

We are everyday individuals from various political affiliations, demographic backgrounds from towns across the state of Massachusetts, volunteering our time to make the 28th Amendment Ballot Initiative a reality. We believe strongly that removing money from politics is the first step toward solving many of the current issues.

We believe that the 28th Amendment will affirm that We the People - not big money, not unions, not corporations - govern the United States.

Our Campaign Goals

Our immediate goal is to get our ballot initiative calling for the 28th Amendment on the state ballot in 2018.

State Ballot Initiatives are great ways to build momentum for the 28th Amendment. Ballot initiatives are an effective way to show Congress that we have support throughout the country. The ballot initiative and has been used in Amendment movements in the past. With over 800 cities and towns and 19 states on the record as supporting a 28th Amendment, we are well on our way to victory! Show your support for the 28th Amendment by supporting our statewide ballot initiative!

Once the ballot initiative is certified and approved for the ballot, we will expand our effort to get the ballot initiative passed.

We want to assure:

  • Rights for human beings over privileges for global corporations and special interests
  • Fair and free elections for ALL Americans
  • Rights of all Americans to equal participation and representation

Our Greater Goal is to Take Big Money Out Of Politics

and overturn Citizens United